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Hard fiber toothbrushes are harmful for people suffering from periodontitis because they cause further damage and recession of the gums. Therefore, they are advised to use soft fiber toothbrush.

Circular movements for at least 10 seconds on each tooth.

Aphte are one of the most common forms of ulcers that occur in the oral cavity. Possible triggers of aphthous ulcers include emotional stress, minor injury to the inside of the mouth and weakening of the immune system. Small ulcers heal spontaneously in a period of two weeks, while larger ones can heal up to a month. Pain and discomfort can be lightened with the use of antiseptics or healing agents that your dentist or pharmacist can recommend.

It mainly depends on the composition of the product. If it is good quality and highly purified, then there are no harmful effects of using it during brushing.

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