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Bruxism -- Why do you grind your teeth during sleep?

Bruxism is a condition in which a person grinds his teeth unconsciously during sleep. Iti s more often then not a result of stress or anxiety and can lead to headache, uncomfortable pain in the jaw and facial muscles.

Cause of bruxism can be a combination of physical, psychological and geneical factors.

In some cases treatment is not needed. It is common to occur in children, but they usually reach adulthood without it. Some adults are not grinding and pressing teeth hard enough to be needing therapy. Nevertheless, if the problem is serious, treatment includes custom made occlusal splint (nightguard) and removing the causes of stress.

In addition to bruxism therapy, dental splint is used in patients who experience pain in masticatory muscles or temporomandibular joint. The splint is made in the dental office and is supposued to be worn through longer periods of time until the simptoms reduce.

Teeth whitening -- How to reach the wanted colour?

Teeth whitening is a process in which enamel or dentin are being bleached. Whether it is enamel or dentin bleached depends on vitality of the tooth and the reason that led to teeth changing colour.

At our office we perform in-office bleaching, as well as splints for at home bleaching.

In-office treatment lasts 15-20 minutes and is repeated until the satisfactory colour is achieved.

At home bleaching is performed by patient applying bleaching agent inside the dental splint which is worn during sleeping for a couple of nights.

In-office bleaching achieves the results much faster but is also more likely for the patient to develop teeth hypersensitivity for a couple of days.

Mouth guard

Other than occlusal splints a patient can also have a custom made mouth guard in our dental office.

Custom made mouth guards are proven to be more effective than traditional boil-and-bite mouth guards in any number of sports needed, recreational or professional.

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