Periodontology is a parto f dental medicine that specialieses in soft (periodontal ligament and gingiva) and hard dental structures (bone and cement) which surround the teeth and maintain their stability inside the mouth.

Periodontal diesease or periodontitis is a highly prevalenced inflammation of the tissues surrounding teeth.

Main cause od periodontitis is dental plaque which is accumulated on tooth surface which is why it is very important to brush your teeth frequently and correctly.

Smoking, diabetes, and genetics also have a significant role in forming and progressing of periodontal disease.

First simptom of inflammation is redness, swelling and pain of the gingiva, which bleeds during brushing. Ifthe inflammation persists it penetrates further in periodontium and causes loss of supporting tissues around teeth and consequently loss of teeth.

If you notice any of the simptoms mentioned above it is important to contact a dentist so they can react in time and stop the further proggression of the inflammation.

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