Dental implants are the most modern and most natural substitution for lost teeth. After the tooth has been extracted, the implant will be placed in the position of the root.

Dental implant is made out of three parts: crown, superstructure and the titanium implant, which is located inside the bone. One implant replaces one tooth without affecting neighbouring teeth. Main flaw is the price of implants, which is more expensive solution then dental bridges or dentures.

Candidates for implant placement are all patients older then 18 years  which:

  • have enough bone structure (it is determined during clinical examination and complete diagnostics)
  • are missing one or more teeth
  • do not want to use other teeth to support dental bridge

As it is the case with durability of other fixed prosthetics, the most important role plays patients compliance with instructions in oral hygiene.

Dental implants as a solution for complete dentures

When patients have been edentulous for longer periods of time, bone and soft tissue structures change and are no longer capable of sustaining denture retention and stability. Dentures are then hard to keep in place, patients have difficulty eating or talking and the solution can be denture supported by implants. At least 2 (optimaly 4) implants are placed in lower jaw and 4 implants in the upper jaw. When period of osseointegration passes implants are connected with retentive elements that allow dentures to be connected to implants. Denture can always be taken of the implants for patients to clean them.

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